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Virtual Consults

How it works:

First start by placing your custom order. 

You will then receive an email and a text to the number you provided with detailed instructions on how the process starts. This will include the photos need of you in various lighting situations. 

You will also be given instructions on how to book your first consultation. 

Initial Consult

During your Initial Consult we will begin with your skin care. We will go over what you are using, what you could be using, and get you into a routine that is catered to your specific skin's needs and desires.

We will go over what custom blend is all about and begin creating the base line for the items you purchased to be customized. You will be sent a color match kit which will include three (3) base foundation shades and all seven (7) color correctors. When you receive the color match kit you will book your Color Match Consult. 

Color Match Consult

During your Color Match Consult we will mix the base shades with the color correctors to create your custom perfect match. We are looking for the shade we create to completely disappear into your complexion.  

Once we have done this, you will get a birds eye view of your custom product being created from scratch. We will add in the base foundation, the color correctors, and all of the customized skin care options you selected for your blend. 

You will then be sent a sample of the mix we created to ensure its PERFECT. We will send an unlimited amount of samples until we both agree that the color, undertone, coverage and finish is exactly what you want. 

Final Blend 

Once we have agreed the custom product is perfect, we will move into the final blend. Here you will get to see your product packaged and we will complete any outstanding blends such as, your primer, setting powder, or blush. 

You again get a birds eye view of your products being created from scratch. 


You can book a One on One Full Face Application where we will go over what brushes to use, how to use them, how to apply your custom products, tips and techniques for lifting, sculping and shaping the face. 

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