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Blended Lip/Nose Scrub Brushes

Scrub the day away with the Blended Lip/Nose Scrub Brushes ! 


Gently exfoliate those lips everyday right after you brush your teeth!


Is your nose a problem area? Tend to break out or get blackheads on your nose? No Problem!! Use your second Blended Scrub Brush to gently exfoliate your nose and scrub those blackheads OUT!! 


Each brush is double sided, the smaller, fine exfoliators are used to exfoliate, use it by itself or pair it with your favoirte lip scrub or exfoliant.


Flip it and the larger, rounder bumps are used to massage in your favorite lip serum, mask or ointment.

Blended Lip/Nose Scrub Brushes

  • Your order will come with TWO (2) Blended Scrub Brushes. 

    One for your lips and the other for your nose! 

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