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Brush Cleaner Concentrate

8oz Blended Brush Cleaner Concentrate- This brush cleaning solution is designed to deep clean, condition and sanitize your brushes.


Perfect for EVERYONE however, a special emphasis is placed on MUA's and beauty professionals, as this cleaning solution contains a disinfectant that meets EPA's criteria for use against COVID-19

Ingredients: Distilled Water, 2 All-Purpose Natural Concentrate Cleaner, and a Disinfectant (meets EPA's criteria for use against COVID-19

Brush Cleaner Concentrate

  • This is a concentrated brush cleaner. 

    Dilute 1 capful in 8-10oz of water

    For very dirty brushes use less water or add an additonal capful. 

    For SFX, oil based, grease, wax based make up use the solution directly for a quicker clean. 

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