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Lip Treatment

This lip treatment is formulated with natural peptides such as Maxi-lip™ and Dermaxyl™ to instantly plump, hydrate, and smooth out fine surface lines. It also helps to stimulate collagen production, helping to volumize and add fullness to your lips. With regular use, this lip treatment will help to keep your lips feeling soft and looking healthy. Enjoy lush, beautiful lips with this advanced lip treatment.


  • Proven to minimize the appearance of current and prevention of future wrinkles.
  • Increase lip volume up to 40% in clinical trials after applying three times daily for 29 days.


Net Wt. 0.17oz / 5g

Lip Treatment

  • Maxi-Lip™ is a natural peptide stabilized by being coupled to a palmitoyl chain. It stimulates collagen and glycosaminoglycan synthesis, in particular hyaluronic acid. This product is used in lip care and make-up applications. Maxi-Lip™ moisturizes lips and makes them firmer, smoother and better defined.

    Dermaxyl™ is an anti-aging, wrinkle smoothing and cutaneous barrier repair ingredient. It stimulates cell communication and then repairs the age related skin damage. Cosmetically, this product is used in skincare and make-up aimed at preventing and fighting wrinkles. Dermaxyl™ is synthetic in origin.

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